Tornadus Max CP & Stats in Pokemon GO

tornadus max cp


The first in yet another trio of Legendary Pokemon from the Unova region, Tornadus, is now available to fight in Pokemon GO Raid Battles from now until February 25, according to Niantic.

If you managed to catch Tornadus, you’re probably wondering what its Max CP and stats are and whether or not it’s worth powering up. Well look no further. Here’s Tornadus’ Max CP and stats, according to GamePress:

Max CP at Level 40: 3,345
Lowest CP at Level 40: 2,917

Max CP at Level 20: 1,911
Lowest CP at Level 20: 1,666

Attack: 266
Defense: 164
Stamina: 188

Type: Flying

Quick Moves: Bite, Air Slash
Charge Moves: Grass Knot, Dark Pulse, Hyper Beam, Hurricane

Is Tornadus worth powering up? Maybe not. Its attack is decent, but its movepool leaves a lot to be desired. Hurricane just isn’t as good of a move as Sky Attack. Sky attack does more damage over time according to GamePress’ Charge Move list and has more versatility as a two bar charge move. A Pokemon like Honchkrow has decent stats but is among the strongest flying-type attackers thanks to its excellent movepool, especially with its access to Sky Attack. Even Unfezant does more damage thanks to its access to Sky Attack, according to GamePress’ DPS spreadsheet. The only thing going for Tornadus is its access to Dark Pulse and Grass Knot, adding versatility in PvP battles. However, there are dedicated dark- and grass-type attackers you should be using instead.

If you want to use Tornadus, your best bet for movesets in Air Slash with Hurricane. Being a pure flying-type, Tornadus gets more damage from flying-type moves thanks to a mechanic known as Same Type Attack Boost. Grass Knot and Dark Pulse are also good choices, though again you should just use dedicated dark-type or grass-type attackers.

In other Pokemon GO news, Pokemon from the Sinnoh region will be more likely to appear in the wild during an event from February 7 to 10, according to the developer. Sinnoh region Pokemon will also appear in Raid Battles. During the event, 7 km Eggs will hatch into Budew, Combee, Bronzor, Gible, Riolu, Hippopotas and Mantyke. Players will be able to earn Sinnoh Stones and other rewards from special Field Research Tasks during the event. Shiny Riolu and Shiny Hippopotas will also be added to the game during that time.

Then players can look forward to a special Valentines Day event from February 15 to 17. During the event, pink Pokemon will appear more frequently in the wild, in Eggs and after completing Field Research tasks. At the beginning of the event, the Unova region Pokemon Audino and Alomomola will make their Pokemon GO debut along with the shiny versions of Happiny and Chansey. In addition, Lure Modules will last six hours and you’ll earn double the Candy from catching Pokemon. Pokemon GO will also host a Raid Day on February 15 from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. local time featuring Lickitung with the move Body Slam.

The game will also host a special weekend event from February 21 to 24 where friendship levels increase faster, players earn double the Candy from trades, trades cost half the Stardust, and the number of Gifts you can open daily and the number of Gifts you can carry in your inventory will increase to 40 and 20 respectively.

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