New Twitch Prime Revenant Skin Revealed for Apex Legends

Apex Legends Revenant Twitch Prime

With the release of Apex Legends’ Season 4, a new skin for the latest legend has been revealed. Tied to the Twitch Prime rewards system, players who are signed up for this can claim the Gilded Rose Revenant skin right now. For the unfamiliar, Twitch Prime is a feature offered by If you become a Prime member on Amazon, you will instantly be enrolled in Twitch Prime. This allows you to claim the free loot offered by various developers.

You can acquire the Gilded Rose skin from now until March 19th. Keep in mind, you will need to make an account on and then link that account to whatever platform you are playing Apex Legends on. Once that is done, you will be able to claim this skin and have it instantly added to your game. There are no additional payments or challenges you need to finish, so if you have Twitch Prime make sure to pick this up before it’s gone.

For the unfamiliar, Season 4 introduced a host of changes including a new character, points of interest, and the Sentinel sniper rifle. Additionally, a number of weapons have been rebalanced and moved to different archetypes. The fast-firing L Star is no longer a crate weapon while the G7 Scout has been moved to the Assault Rifle category. Make sure to visit our full recap of Season 4 if you’re just starting out!

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