How to Get Upgrade Kits in Zombie Army 4 Dead War

Zombie Army 4 Upgrade Kits

As you progress through the hellish, undead infested nightmare of Zombie Army 4, you’ll want to focus on increasing your firepower. While you may have no problem gunning down ghouls in the early missions, this title ramps the difficulty up with each subsequent chapter. This makes upgrading your guns a key part of surviving and being able to take on high-level content. However, upgrading your gear is tied to Upgrade Kits which can be obtained in a multitude of ways.

Here are the six ways you can get Upgrade Kits in Zombie Army 4:

  • Earn Gold Medals
  • Reach Certain Ranks
  • Complete all Mission Challenges
  • Acquire all Collectibles
  • Find Upgrade Kits
  • Finish a Sticker Album Page

Of these methods, the easiest is completing Sticker Pages, finding them in the wild, and the various Mission Challenges. Sticker Pages are essentially milestone challenges that ask players to complete a plethora of requirements such as killing a Flamer by shooting its weak point and landing 100 critical hits on Grunt zombies. You can find all the Stickers and pages in the Records tab on the main menu. Always keep these Sticker challenges in the back of your mind when you’re playing through a level

Additionally, make sure to always check the Mission Challenge before you venture out. These are typically quite simple, especially in the early chapters. You can check what the challenge is for a mission by opening up the start menu. In the bottom right corner under the collectible star, you’ll see what the requirements are and if it’s completed or not. Considering how important weapon upgrades are, you should always try to go after these challenges.

Finally, the third-best method is simply by finding them in the world. Throughout the majority of chapters, you’ll come across toolboxes with a green symbol above them. This indicates that they’re Weapon Upgrade Kits, so pick them up to instantly obtain an Upgrade Point. Remember to always explore away from the main path. You’ll typically find Upgrade Kits in deserted buildings or alleyways.

Even though there are other methods these are certainly the best ways to go about accumulating a lot of Upgrade Kits. Just make sure to spend your points wisely!

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