How to Beat the Seraph Tower Public Event in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Seraph Tower

Along with Trials of Osiris, Season of the Worthy introduces a new Public Event called the Seraph Towers. Unlike previous Destiny 2 Public Events, the Seraph Towers is exceptionally challenging, even with a group of people. While this may certainly change as the overall player base power is raised, currently it’s quite difficult. This is not only because there’s a pretty strict timer, but due to the hordes of enemies that will be spawning all around you. Here’s a breakdown of how to beat the Seraph Tower Public Event during Destiny 2’s Season of the Worthy.

This event is broken up across three separate plates in a triangle formation around as central hub. When the event starts it will randomly select one of the plates and designate it with a symbol and a glowing orange ball floating above it. Quickly run over there and clear the plate off of any enemies. You need to charge the towers so they spit out glowing orange charges. This will only happen if the plate is cleared of enemies. So it’s imperative that you keep these completely free of any type of foes during the event.

Once the plate is charged up it will spit out a ton of glowing orange orbs. Grab these orbs and hurl it at the one floating above you that is moving towards the central tower. Your goal is to hit it with enough charges to blow up, thus granting you some progress towards 100%. Once the orb explodes (or if it reaches the central tower) a new plate will be selected and the cycle starts over again.

The biggest factor in your success if how fast you can kill the enemies before they step onto the plate. Ana will give you a very audible warning when they are compromised, so listen for her if you’re not sure. Additionally, once you get to around 75%, yellow bar mini-bosses will begin to spawn and move towards the plates. Concentrate your fire or use a super like Chaos Reach to quickly take them out.

Seraph Towers is all about killing fast and effectively so you can earn more charges to throw. The faster you get charges, the more damage you can do to the orb, and the quicker your percentage will increase. We recommend mob clearing Supers for this event since the bosses typically go down fast if everyone works together. Additionally, shotguns and fusion rifles are perfect for this event since enemies will almost always be right on top of you. Snipers are decent for the bosses, but you’d rather have something that can be used without having to zoom in.

It may take a few tries, especially if you don’t have a big group, but you should be able to take these towers down in no time!

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