The Best Suit Upgrades You Need in DOOM Eternal

As you progress through DOOM Eternal, you’ll come across tokens that can be converted to suit upgrades. These passive bonuses will give you a massive edge over the forces of Hell and are some of the most important items you’ll come across in DOOM Eternal. Revolving around a mixture of grenades, traversal, and environmental, there are a lot of upgrades you can get for Doomguy. This makes picking the right ones critical, especially if you’re trying to 100% the game or playing on harder difficulties.

Here are our picks for the best suit upgrades in DOOM Eternal:

Item Classifier – Exploration

This upgrade should absolutely be the first one you grab. When activated, players can see the location of all the Secrets on a map, regardless if you’ve discovered them or not. Given how critical these items are, it’s imperative you get as many Secrets and upgrades as possible. Item Classifier will make treasure hunting far simpler.

Thicker Skin – Environment

Another great upgrade, Thicker Skin makes you immune to any explosive barrels. Since you’ll end up blowing up a lot of these, not taking damage from them is quite nice. Combine this with Regenerating Barrels to always have a supply of explosives to take down or weaken demons. It’s also fairly cheap, so it’s a good one to pick up when you only have a few tokens left.

Scatter Bombs – Frag Grenade

I love this upgrade. Scatter Bomb turns one frag grenade into potentially several if you kill a demon. While grenades typically don’t kill Heavy Demons, this is perfect for clearing out all the lower-tier foes, while stacking on additional damage to beefier targets. Lobbing one into a crowd will typically result in several additional explosions that wipe out everything.

DOOM Eternal Marauders

Frag Stock Up – Frag Grenade

Sometimes the simpler the better. Frag Stock Up simply upgrades the number of grenades you can launch before the cooldown kicks in from 1 to 2. It doubles your explosive stopping power, allowing you to pour on damage to grounded demons. If you like when things go boom then this is the upgrade for you. 

Permafrost – Ice Bomb

The Ice Bomb is one of Doomguy’s best weapons. Not only does it let you stop aggressive demons, but it’s terrific for isolating fast-moving targets in a hectic fight. Permafrost increases the time they are frozen, which opens demons up to easy damage. It’s also great for when you need to retreat and find some healing items. Pop one at your feet and quickly run away. If you find yourself using the Ice Bomb a lot then Permafrost should be one of the first upgrades you acquire.

Hot Swapper – Fundamentals

I cannot overstate how important Hot Swapper is. Speeding up your weapon and mod swap times is invaluable. In a game all about using the right tool for the right job, Hot Swapper allows you to quickly transition between weapons with little delay. It’s terrific for the mid to late game when DOOM Eternal throws everything it has at you. This should be one of the main upgrades you save up for and perhaps the best one in the entire game.

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