How to Get Cash in Call of Duty Warzone

Call of Duty Warzone Cash

Call of Duty: Warzone is the latest battle royale game and it’s injecting a variety of unique mechanics into this familiar formula. One of these is cash, a currency that players can earn throughout a match to purchase different gear and supply drops. It’s a critical part of the mode that will help you gain an advantage over other teams. Thankfully, there are multiple ways to earn cash in Warzone.

You can earn cash by opening loot crates, finding it on the ground, looting bodies of dead enemies, or completing one of three contracts scattered throughout the level. The former two methods are the most consistent ways you’ll end up collecting a lot of money. Always keep an eye out for cash, especially when you are just starting out. Try to open as many crates as possible so you can quickly gather a ton of money before heading off to fight.

The other way to accrue cash is by completing contracts during a match. These are special, secondary objectives that will reward players with money and high tier loot. You can find contracts randomly throughout the map. They will be a small brown square with a yellow magnifying glass symbol on the side. Picking a contract up will give you one of three objectives:

  • Kill a Specific Player
  • Secure Cargo Crates
  • Take Control of a Specific Location

Finishing any of these contracts will earn you some spending money and loot. We don’t recommend relying on this to earn a lot of cash since you not only need to find a contract but complete it. Instead, focus on just scavenging points of interest for money as this is far and away the best method. Killing enemies is also a great method, but obviously riskier. Most of the time people won’t have stacks of money on them since they typically spend it on gear.

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