Dead by Daylight Deathslinger Release Date Revealed

dead by daylight deathslinger release date


The curtain has been dropped on a new killer in Dead by Daylight and he’s called The Deathslinger.

This killer is currently unlike no other as it has the ability to actually aim down sights with a rifle and reel in running survivors.

Early returns are that this killer appears to be one of the most fun ones BHVR has introduced in quite a while and both killer and survivor mains should enjoy him.

Now, the only question that remains is just when does the new chapter come out officially so players can get their hands on the new content that’s being delivered here.

The answer is a lot sooner than you might expect.

Dead by Daylight Deathslinger Release Date

Players on PC, Xbox One and PS4 will all receive the new chapter update on March 10, and while they are working on the Switch release date to be around that same time, it’s not yet confirmed.

The developers have attempted to get the patch to all platforms on the same day and they have been able to sync up PC, Xbox and PS4, but things seem to be a bit difficult when it comes to Nintendo’s hybrid console.

In there’s a silver lining in all of this, it’s that the Switch likely has the smallest playerbase between the major platforms, so the least amount of the players are affected this way.

The Deathslinger’s Perks

dead by daylight chains of hate gunslinger

BHVRThe Deathslinger is coming.

Barring any tweaks and changes from the PTB, here’s what players can look forward to from the new killer.

  • Gearhead
    • You’ve got an ear for well-oiled gears.
    • After hitting a Survivor 2 times with your basic attack, Gearhead activates for 35 seconds.
    • Each time a Survivor completes a Good or Great Skill Check while repairing, the generator will be revealed by a yellow aura for as long as it’s being repaired.
  • Dead Man’s Switch
    • You become obsessed with one Survivor.
    • After hooking the Obsession, Dead Man’s Switch activates for the next 35 seconds.
    • While activated, any survivor that stops repairing a generator before it is fully repaired causes The Entity to block the generator until DeadMan’s Switch’s effect ends.
    • Affecteds generators are highlighted by a white aura.
    • The Killer can only be obsessed with one Survivor at a time.
  • Hex: Retribution
    • A hex that lashes out upon its destruction. Those who cross you will be punished.
    • Any Survivor who cleanses a Dull Totem will suffer from the Oblivious status effect for 35 seconds.
    • If any Hex Totem is cleansed, including this one, the auras of all Survivors are revealed for 10 seconds.

Dead by Daylight Chains of Hate releases March 10.

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