How to Get Exclusive Animal Crossing New Horizons Furniture


The wait is finally over. Animal Crossing: New Horizons is here and it’s looking like it was well worth it.

At its core, Animal Crossing is a solo experience, but New Horizons has opened the door up to having friends visit your island and has even added in same-system co-op.

In order to play online, you’ll need a Nintendo Switch Online subscription, as is the case with most Switch games.

However, there are some added bonuses to having a subscription, even if you don’t decide to take your game online.

Animal Crossing new horizons

NintendoAnimal Crossing: New Horizons arrives on March 20.

Thanks to a Nintendo blog, we know that if you subscribe to Nintendo Switch Online, you’ll be able to get your hands on some exclusive furniture for the game.

Since many Switch owners out there do have a membership, this is actually a nice bonus for them.

It’s extremely simple too as all you’ll have to do is have an active subscription and a copy of Animal Crossing.

Upon booting up the game, the player will be prompted with a free piece of furniture.

For the time being, it’s just the Tanuki Mile Exchange, but it’s entirely possible some more freebies could be given out in the future.

tanuki mile exchange animal crossing

NintendoGet your free furniture.

While this gift alone likely won’t be the tipping point on you picking up a subscription, having a nice island is a very, very good incentive.

Animal Crossing is a game about having the nicest looking house you possibly can, so getting an early edge over your friends might be worth it.

Of course, you could also see this design and come to the conclusion it’s not exactly worth it.

If you want to take a look at the Japanese blog, you can do so here. The same blog also mentions that those who download the day one patch will also receive a free Nintendo Switch in Animal Crossing.

It’s a nice bonus and gives players something to look forward to. Animal Crossing: New Horizons releases March 20 exclusively for Nintendo Switch.