Fortnite Bug Might Be First Hint of Helicopters in Season 2

Fortnite Helicopter Season 2

Epic Games

A big rumor about Fortnite Season 2 is that helicopters could eventually be making their way to the game in the near future.

Of course, none of this has been confirmed just yet, but plenty of leakers have found evidence that suggests it could happen.

This would be the first time Epic Games brings back flying vehicles since the Stormwings that terrorized players back in Season 9. While they were removed in the next season, they were replaced by BRUTE mechs, which were arguably worse.

We have to hope that Epic managed to find a way to better balance their flying vehicles in Chapter 2, but obviously, that remains to be seen.

As players wait for the arrival of these helicopters, it’s possible the first concrete hint has been discovered in-game.

Reddit user Par4d0x9 discovered a house in Pleasant Park that seemingly changes its position, which they are able to see due to a render glitch.

This finding has led players to believe that this could be a spot for a helipad. With the soccer field found in the park presumably opening up later in the season, it would make for an excellent spot to launch a helicopter from.

Of course, all of this is just speculation for now, but there is definitely some weight behind it. There still isn’t a good way to get around the map in terms of mobility, so this would certainly remedy that.

As the Ghost and Shadow factions continue to fight with each other, it’s possible they will decide to bring out the big guns, which could be the helicopters, in an effort to get the edge over their opponents.

Epic GamesMiniguns are back in the meta.

For the time being, it’s hard to tell exactly which direction Epic wants to go with the season, but it’s looking like we’re seeing it unfold before our eyes.

It’ll be important to keep an eye on this location to see what the developers have in store going forward.

If helicopters do actually arrive in Fortnite, it would definitely throw a wrench into the current meta. In fact, the meta this season has already changed significantly as it introduced many more spray weapons such as the Drum Gun and Minigun back into the mix.

With the competitive competitions being put on hold, it’s hard to say exactly how things play out in a competitive setting, so hopefully, they’ll be back soon.

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