Fortnite Deadpool Week 3 Challenges: When Do They Unlock?

Fortnite deadpool challenges unlock

Epic Games

Thursday marks the start of a new week in Fortnite, so where are the Deadpool challenges at? The famous merc with a mouth hasn’t yet told players what he wants them to do.

The traditional Week 3 challenges have gone live which gives players a bunch of new content to burn through. However, those looking to complete whatever Deadpool has in store for us don’t have the option to do that just yet.

So, what’s going on? As it turns out, Deadpool is too cool to release challenges on Thursdays, so his challenges actually go live on Friday.

This was confirmed on Twitter by Epic Games, and it’s sort of in character for the Marvel hero. Deadpool is of course known for by his humor, and it seems like that has managed to translate over to Fortnite quite well.

It sounds like it will remain this way going forward, so from now until the time the skin unlocks, players will have to wait until Friday to complete the challenges.

Luckily, his Week 3 challenges actually leaked ahead of time, so players know exactly what they’ll have to do once they officially unlock.

The first two weeks were extremely easy to complete and they didn’t even require players to go into a game. Week 3 sounds like it’ll be forcing players to actually play in a match and destroy toilets.

Of course, toilets are located in just about every building, so this won’t be a tough challenge to complete at all.

His other objective sounds like it’ll be something hidden in the main menu of Fortnite again so that one won’t be too hard to knock out.

We don’t yet know how many weeks the Deadpool challenges will go for since they aren’t really all that difficult to complete. However, since two challenges release a week, it’s possible Epic Games has plenty more they are just sitting on.

Fortnite Season 2 is out now for PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android devices.

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