Fortnite v12.20 Downtime Announced: What to Expect

fortnite v12.20 patch notes

Epic Games

While Fortnite doesn’t appear to update as often as it once did, Epic Games still keeps the game fresh feeling with new content at a quicker pace than many other games.

Even when there aren’t any updates, the weekly challenges still appear, meaning there’s always something for players to do.

With the onset of Chapter 2, Epic Games stopped giving out detailed patch notes with each update, so players had to rely on the official Trello page to see what’s on the way. While this is an easy way to see what’s being fixed, it has become a bit of an inconvenience to have to track down the changes yourself, but that’s where we’re at.

Fortnite v12.20 Downtime

Deployment for this patch begins at 4 a.m. EST / 1 a.m. PST and there will be downtime.

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This isn’t a simple content update, and Fortnite has actually laid out a decent list of changes that are coming. Downtime traditionally lasts around an hour or so, which will put an end to your games.

What to Expect in v12.20

fortnite how to destroy structures with propane tanks

Epic GamesJumping into the future!

As we wait for patch notes that may or may not release, we already have a decide idea of what to expect in the upcoming update.

Thanks to the Fortnite Trello board, we know the following will be arriving in the March 17 update:

  • Vault Banner is missing from Locker
  • End of match: unable to return to Lobby, go to Item Shop, or report player
  • Player markets place too far away
  • Stuck inside Porta Potty
  • Buildings and structures may appear low detail
  • Unable to resume Auto-Sprint on PlayStation 4
  • Unable to place trap if trap icon hasn’t finished loading
  • Rails on the Yacht Prefab are displaced when placing the Prefab

There will likely be some more things to look forward to once the patch actually hits, such as weapons and items, so it’s important to be on the lookout for that as well.

Fortnite v12.20 releases on all platforms beginning March 17.

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