Four Fortnite Players Suspended For Teaming in FNCS

bucke, kreo, keys, slackes banned fncs

Epic Games

Two top Duos in Fortnite have been suspended for 60 days over allegations of teaming in the FNCS finals.

Kreo, Bucke, Keys and Slackes were all given the hammer by Epic Games over the incidents.

A video that circulated on Twitter highlighted the pairs giving out free damage to avoid Storm Surge. Of course, when the lategame hits, if players have not dealt enough damage, they will take Storm Surge damage, so by dishing out this damage, they were able to avoid that.

They seemingly tried to make it look like a real fight each time, but most players would quickly back off or build walls for cover if they were taking damage, but that couldn’t be seen a whole lot in this video.

Epic Games banned them for 60 days, which is a much harsher penalty than XXiF received during the World Cup. The length of this ban effectively eliminates them from the opportunity to claim any prizes from this season’s FNCS and it could even roll over in the next one.

Kreo tried to defend himself on Twitter by wishing everyone didn’t hop on the bandwagon of hate.

“Wish we at least had the opportunity to explain/defend ourselves without everyone hopping on the bandwagon,” he wrote. “Also wish Fortnite did some sort of an investigation/asked us questions.”

Bucke released TwitLonger that explained the pairs often scrimmage together, and they know where other people land thanks to third-party maps.

“We know where people land due to maps that are made by third parties. If we have unlimited shield, the impact on our game that taking a bloom battle with another team is very minimal,” he said. “Our loot route directs us to that one truck with the chest at it.”

Despite the mounting evidence, there has been a rift in the pro community due to the swiftness of the ban. These players who were suspended have a lot of love among fellow pros, so some of them feel like a longer investigation should’ve taken place.

“I don’t feel like epic should’ve acted this fast, I feel like they didn’t have a chance to even defend themselves,” Clix said. “This 60-day ban is life-changing for all of them.”

Epic Games hasn’t said anything about the bans publicly, but it’s clear there are players on both ends of the spectrum about the way this was handled.

With Fortnite esports almost being exclusively online, it’s hard to police players teaming since it’s hard to tell who’s in a Discord call with who, so at the very least, it’s good to see Epic be proactive here.

Their handling of XXiF’s ban was blasted all around since he was still able to qualify for the World Cup, despite being caught red-handed cheating.

The length of the ban for these four players has wiped out any chance of them earning money this season, which sets the precedent for future cases of this, that is, if they run into more incidents of teaming or cheating.

Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 2 is out now.

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