How to Change Your Armor’s Element in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Change Armor Element

Destiny 2’s Season of the Worthy is brought with it a ton of nerfs and buffs, but one of the biggest changes is the ability to swap the element of your armor. Previously static, this long-requested feature has finally made its way into the core game. However, if you do want to swap your element around be prepared to pay a hefty price tag. This is not something you can do with little regard, especially if you’re using gear with maxed-out energy.

To change your armor’s element you will need to select the element icon to the left of the energy bar. From here, you can swap your energy between Arc, Solar, or Void depending on what you want. If you’re unsure what gear boasts what, check out this great breakdown of each item via Reddit user Hisroutness. This will help you determine what gear you need if you’re trying to min/max your Guardian.

Remember, the cost of changing your gear around is the total materials to reach that gear piece’s current energy cost plus one Upgrade Module. So if you’re level 10, you’ll need to dump everything from Legendary Shards to Prisms to Ascendant Shards. This makes it far more advantageous to swap your element around before dumping in a ton of resources to upgrade it. Given how tricky it is to farm Ascendant Shards effectively, you’ll want to hold onto those just to masterwork your gear.

Alternatively, you can reset your gear down to level 1 if that price is too high and you’re not that keen on masterworked gear. This is good in a pinch, but not recommended at all.

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