5 Knighthood Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

As a fully-fledged Rage Knight, you set out on an epic journey in order to save a troubled realm.

The realm you seek to save is filled with raging beats, cult members, and a gang of corrupted Rage Knights. The ultimate baddie you set out to vanquish is the all-powerful Lord Karnon. You’re now entrusted with defeating such great evils and earning fame as the realm’s most feared and famous Knight in the Order of Rage. We’ve thrown our knight, heroes, and minions into all sorts of enemy skirmishes and have come away with the type of advice that can also make you a legendary Rage Knight. Prepare to take over Knighthood and save the world from evil Rage Knights with this proper tips and tricks guide.

Here are the top five tips, tricks, and cheats you need to know for Knighthood:

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1. Build Up That Gaunlet and Your Hero Abilities During Conquests, Then Unleash Them During the Final Wave of Baddies

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• Before each battle, you’ll want to make sure you make the right preparations when it comes to equipping the right weapon and adding the best heroes to your party. Always head into each fight with the recommended gear and party members the game notifies you about. When you confront a group of foes during Conquests, building up your Gaunlet and Hero abilities during the first two waves is key.

• Takedown the enemies that present the most danger to you and your squad (such as archers who can dish out direct damage to your knights’ HP even if he still has his armor meter intact) by combining your main weapon and gauntlet attacks. Once you’ve made it to the final wave of enemies for a Conquest battle, pull out all the stops by activating all of the Gaunlet and Hero abilities you’ve been building up during the last two enemy waves.

• As for Versus Arena battles, kill off your rival knights’ minions before you take him head-on. You’ll want to eliminate them from the battlefield so they can’t use their healing abilities to keep the enemy knight in the fight. Get rid of them ASAP, then focus the rest of your efforts on wiping out the main knight soon after. As always, alternate between pulling off gauntlet and main weapon attacks in order to build up your super attacks over time. Use them as soon as they’re available since you’ll only be taking on a single wave of enemies during Versus Arena battles.

2. Use Your Gaunlet and Hero Abilities ASAP During Hunts

Knighthood Game


• The first time you hop into a hunt, you’ll notice that you’re awarded stars based on how many turns you use to complete it. If you complete a hunt battle in as little moves as possible, you’ll have a much higher chance of earning a three-star rating. This means you’ll want to take out each wave of enemies you confront as quickly as possible, which means you’ll want to use your Gaunlet and Hero abilities as soon as they’re ready to go.

• Pulling off these types of attacks tends to kill enemies in a quicker fashion, which makes it easier for you to earn that lauded three-star rating. Earning three-star ratings for any hunt unlocks the option for you to raid them a certain number of times per day. If you have the energy to do so, use up all the raid turns for a completed hunt to maximize your loot payout. This is the type of action you should take at the end of your gameplay session since you’ll probably use up all your energy and need to let it fully refill by the time you log back in.

3. Send Off Your Heroes for XP Gain to the Shrine of Heroes

• Another task you should handle when you’re about to log off is sending your heroes off on quests at the Shrine of Heroes. Placing a hero into this type of situation makes them unavailable for battles, so it’s always best to handle this task when you’re done playing for the day.

• By the time you return, your heroes will be done with their quests and be even stronger than before. When you’re looking to quickly strengthen your weaker heroes for an area that calls for their expertise, rely on the XP Boost scrolls you’ve earned to make that happen. You should only utilize this strategy when you’re about to confront a certain battle class of foes and the hero that’s strong against them is at a relatively low level.

4. Upgrade Everything!

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Knighthood is filled to the brim with all types of enemy classes. And you’ll need to keep this in mind when you’re about to equip a particular weapon and add heroes to our current battle formation.

• This means you’ll need to do everything in your power to upgrade every piece of equipment within your knights’ armory. The same action applies to all the heroes you’ve unlocked. Unlocking and purchasing gear happens regularly, as well as adding new heroes to your squad. Make sure everything you’ve earned is leveled up equally – that way, you’ll never be unprepared for the many battles you’ll participate in since your gear and heroes are strong enough to handle them.

5. Tend to Every Tab Within the Quests Menu

Knighthood Game


• Besides the main story quests you need to fulfill, your quests tab is home to side story, daily and guild focused missions. As you progress through the main story, new side missions unlock. Once you see the requirements for a new side story, complete them ASAP so you can get your hands on some noteworthy collectibles. The same tip applies to completing your daily missions – don’t log off until they’ve all been fulfilled.

• As for the guild missions, be sure to complete all of the current tasks listed on there to earn as many contribution points as possible for the day. By the way, you and your guild members should make it a habit of voting for options that give you an advantage over certain enemy types instead of voting for instant rewards. A guild that relies on battle boosts will go farther than one that seeks out immediate gain via loot.

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