How to Level Up the EVO Shield in Apex Legends

Apex Legends Level up EVO Shields

EVO Shields are the newest item coming to Respawn Entertainment’s battle royale game, Apex Legends. Unlike traditional body armor which has fixed values, EVO Shields will actually level up if you do damage while wearing them. This means if you pick up a White EVO Shield it could be at Level 3 or the new Level 4 by the end of the match. Tied specifically to the Deja Loot event, this item may make its way into the base game depending on player feedback and how it performs.

To level up your EVO Shield you will need to do damage to a player once it’s equipped. Right above the health bar, you’ll see an indicator of how much damage you have to inflict to increase your gear’s rank. Keep in mind, the first EVO Shield only offers 25 points of protection, which is unlike the typically Level 1 body shield that offers 50 points. You’ll need to weigh the pros and cons of using this item, especially later on in the match.

For Level 2 (Blue), you’ll need to do 100 damage while reaching Level 3 (Purple) takes 300 damage. To get to Level 4 (Red) you’ll have to deal a whopping 500 damage, which is easier said than done. The benefit is Level 4 armor has 125 points of protection, which is higher than any other piece of gear in the game. Red armor will not have the same benefits as gold, so if you desire that fast healing then consider picking up gold instead.

Additionally, if you pick up an EVO Shield off a dead body then you’ll simply continue where the previous owner left off. So if someone is on Level 2 and dealt 250 damage, you’ll only have to do the last 50 to rank it up. So make sure to check any bodies for EVO Shields during the event!

Apex Legends System Override begins tomorrow for PS4, PC, and Xbox One.

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