Here’s the Best Lumina Catalyst Farm in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Lumina Catalyst Farm

The Lumina received a new Exotic catalyst with the release of Season of the Worthy. This Exotic hand cannon revolves around healing and buffing your teammate’s damage, making them more potent in combat. It’s one of a very small number of support Exotics, making it one of the unique weapons in Destiny 2. Lumina’s catalyst will randomly drop at the end of any Strike, Crucible, or Gambit match. While it is an exotic item, this catalyst appears to have a fairly high drop rate. I managed to snag mine after a single Strike, while a buddy got his after two Crucible matches.

To masterwork the Lumina, you will need to heal allies until the progress bar reaches 100%. This is easier said than done since it cannot be completed by yourself. Thankfully, there’s a new world activity that’s perfect for farming the catalyst. When you load up Destiny 2, head down to the Winding Coves in the southern portion of the EDZ. This 980 activity typically has anywhere from 4-7 players participating at any time, so you have a lot of people to heal.

While everyone else is focusing on throwing charges, you should only work on killing enemies to get Noble Rounds. As soon as you get these healing items, spam them at your allies and then go back to slaying foes. There’s a lot of sources of damage in this Public Event, so there’s a high chance anyone you hit will be instantly healed. Don’t focus on the charges, they aren’t worth your time. Instead, just keep launching Noble Rounds at your allies to keep them alive – especially if they are facing one of the mini-bosses.

Upon full completion, I averaged anywhere from 15 to 20% towards my catalyst, which is far better than when I was running Crucible matches or Strikes. However, if you don’t feel like playing the Seraph Tower, you can just get a buddy and have them use Tommy’s Matchbook. Since the gun hurts the user, it’s easy to just use them as a way to constantly heal someone. As long as you have Noble Rounds, this is a decent secondary method of quickly completing thje catalyst.

But what do you get for all your hard work? Once masterworked, the Lumina will now spawn two Noble Rounds per kill instead of one. It may sound underwhelming at first, but this is actually insanely potent. This allows you to be more consistent with buffing your fireteam members in end game activities. I found this surprisingly effective during the final boss encounter in the Garden of Salvation raid, as those two rounds let me always keep my team healthy.

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