How to Craft Medicine in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Animal Crossing New Horizons Medicine

Unlike most video games, you cannot die in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. There’s no evil threat you have worry about and there are no traditional “enemies” roaming around the island. However, it is possible to get stung by wasps or bit by a tarantula which makes your character’s face swell up. Just like in real life, these little buggers will attack anyone that disturbs them and viciously chase your Villager around the island. Typically this results in your character getting attacked by them. Thankfully, you can cure any damage to your character via crafting and using medicine.

How to Get Medicine

You will get the Medicine DIY recipe when you speak to one of your fellow citizens (not the Nook family) after being stung. Talking to them will cause the islander to voice their concern with your appearance. They will then give you the DIY recipe for medicine, allowing you to cure any wasp stings. It’s unclear if this will trigger with every islander, but it seems to work when you talk to one of the two original guests that arrived with you.

Now open up your inventory and examine the DIY recipe to permanently learn it. The recipe requires three clumps of weed and one wasp nest. You can get weeds by just plunking them up from the ground, while the wasp nest is available after you knock it down from a tree. Just remember, if you are attacked by wasps after already being stung you’ll pass out and awaken outside your tent. Luckily, this doesn’t reset your progress and you can run over to where the wasp nest fell and pick it up.

Combining both will let you craft medicine, which is used to heal your wounds!

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