Ninja Explains How Fortnite Chaos Physics System Could Fix Lag

fortnite chaos physics system ninja

L: Ninja: Twitter R: Epic Games

On March 2, Epic Games announced they were putting future cash competitions on hold until they ironed out the performance issues plaguing Fortnite.

Beginning with Season 2, the developers implemented the new Chaos Physics System, but on the surface, it didn’t seem to do a whole lot.

Tyler ‘Ninja‘ Blevins believes the reason Epic switched to this system was to fix the performance issues in the endgame, just he doesn’t know exactly when that would happen.

He hopes they are collecting their data from scrimmages and not the test events because he explains the scrims are where the real issues lie.

“I really hope that Fortnite is collecting all their data on performance issues and server stability from Scrim custom lobbies and not these Duo test events with 10 people end game,” he tweeted. “All the data they need would be in these scrims they are supa laggy.”

The new engine system could definitely help fix things, and it sounds like Epic Games is hard at work at figuring out what’s going on under the hood.

In fact, that’s exactly why Ninja believes they even made the switch.

“I HAVE to believe that the reason they switched to the new physics chaos engine was to EVENTUALLY have consistent clean end games w/o lag on LAN and Online,” he said.

Whether that’s the actual reason remains to be seen, but players are certainly hoping it’s the reason since the lag has gotten quite unbearable.

Performance on consoles especially hasn’t been great for the past couple of seasons, but the real problems lie in the endgame scenarios where the circle is very small and there are still tons of players still alive.

The servers have never particularly been able to handle situations like this, but Epic Games is working hard at it, so we’re excited to see what they’re able to cook up.

By this time last year, the Fortnite World Cup had already been announced, but it looks like it’s being delayed this time until the performance issues are ironed out.

Eliminating lag will go a long way to improving both the experience of the players and viewers, so let’s keep our fingers crossed that they can figure something out.

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