Gaming Expert Details Latest on Playstation 5 Console & More

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Playstation and XBox are expected to put together great next generation gaming console systems.

A couple of months ago, gaming expert Erin A. Simon, who doubles as a host at Cheddar esports and the Grassroutes Podcast checked in with the Scoop B Radio Podcast and discussed all things Playstation 5.

Check out a transcript from our discussion below:

Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson: What’s the latest in Playstation 5?

Erin Simon:
Now the information that’s being brought out isn’t as quite set yet. What we do know is that they will be – so basically they will have the haptic feedback, is what which is the Playstation 5 controller is going to have. The whole goal – the console is trying to have more immersive experience so, when you are playing on the PS5 controller; let’s just say you’re stringing up a bow and arrow.

You’re about to pull on the string. The tension, you’ll be able to feel that tension in the controller. When you’re on like an off-road – when you’re riding in a car on an off-road street or in an area, you’ll feel that experience and it’s more realistic sensation that’s within the actual controller itself. And that’s something that – you know, right now, they do have with the Playstation controllers is that they do have the adaptive trigger responses in a sense that you can actually with certain controllers that from – I’m gonna assume the Xbox has it set up where there are trigger responses within the controller system to be quicker, but this is like a whole other realistic like, — you wanna feel fire, all this stuff.

We had Hip-Hop Gamer come on and he was talking about there’s this new sensational thing where like if your character’s holding fire, you’ll be able to feel the heat. My mind was blown when he said that. I was like, wait a second. Is that a part of the adaptive trigger? And he was like this is some new, new stuff which I’m really excited for. Of course the PS5 Information Terms – the SSD (Solid State Drive) potentially that will have your loading screens – things will load quicker, and have better performance. A lot of gamers we all hate the cue time. We hate when things load. Sometimes certain games take forever to load. That’s supposed to help with the process itself. And also you’ll be able to install different game modes when it comes to games. So like, for example instead of downloading all of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, they’ll set it up where it’s like – do you just want to download the campaign version? Do you just want to download the multi-player version?

Because right now, anytime that you get a new game or a disc or something like that, it’ll literally take two, three hours maybe even an hour to download. So now certain games that I play with my friends, I just want the multi-player. You can select that data and it’s like more fine data that’s downloadable and so that’s what they’re saying about the PS5. Of course we’re going to wait and see – right now the PS5 Dev Kit looks like a crazy spaceship. They need to change that. It’s wild and it’s something that a lot of people don’t like how it looks but, at the end of the day if it has all of these functionalities, the look is the LAST thing that we’re all going to worried about to be honest.

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