How to Get the Season of the Worthy Artifact in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Season of the Worthy Artifact

Destiny 2 Season of the Worthy is finally here and that means there’s a new artifact for players to earn. Called the Warmind Khanjali, this artifact focuses on close-range combat and weapon archetypes like swords, hand cannons, and sidearms. If you’re a fan of getting in the face of enemies then this artifact is for you. Just like Season of Dawn, the artifact will not be available right away. Instead, you’ll need to complete some easy, early campaign missions to unlock this item.

When you load up the game, head to The Tower and speak to Zavala. He will give you a quest called “Raising Our Defenses” which tasks you with talking to Ana on Mars. She will give you a new quest asking you to collect 20 Orbs of Light and generate 8 yourself. This should be fairly simple if you wait around for people to start the Escalation Protocol on Mars or if you use a Masterworked weapon. You’ll then need to complete a Mission that can be found by Ana Bray.

Completing this will award you the new Artifact!

Just like previous artifacts, you can unlock new perks by leveling it up. This is done by earning XP, which is pretty easy since doing anything in-game awards some. If you want to quickly level it up, we suggest stockpiling bounties and using a Ghost with the Guiding Light perk. This gives you 10% extra XP and is perfect for quickly upgrading your gear.

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