Shiny Croagunk in Pokemon GO & How to Catch It

shiny croagunk


Shiny Croagunk is coming to Pokemon GO with the April Fools event starting April 1 at 8:00 a.m. local time, according to Niantic.

Here’s what Shiny Croagunk looks like in Pokemon GO:

You can find Shiny Croagunk in one of the exclusive Field Research Tasks for the April Fools event. It’s the one that tasks you with catching three Ditto, according to our previous article. The April Fools event ends on April 7 at 10:00 p.m. local time according to Niantic. According to research from The Silph Road, players have an estimated one in 60 chance of encountering a shiny Pokemon through an event exclusive Field Research Task.

Finding Ditto is going to be a lot easier with the April Fools event going live; not only will Ditto appear more frequently in the wild for the duration of the event but the list of Pokemon it can transform into is permanently increasing according to Niantic.

Aipom and Croagunk will appear up to five times a day from using GO Snapshot and getting a photobomb, according to Pokemon GO Hub. You also have a chance of encountering a shiny Croagunk this way, and if it does it will even appear shiny in the overworld unlike most other shiny Pokemon according to one user on The Silph Road Subreddit. A while back the same thing would happen with Pikachu wearing a party hat according to another user; if you encountered a shiny version after getting a photobomb then it will appear shiny in the overworld.

Pokemon known to be tricksters such as Gastly, Haunter, Voltorb, Sudowoodo, Aipom, Croagunk and Foongus will appear more frequently in the wild for the duration of the April Fools event. You can also find Aipom, Wynaut, Bonsly, Croagunk and Stunfisk more frequently in 5 km Eggs.

According to The Silph Road, you have a one in 50 chance of hatching a shiny Pokemon, though the research was conducted on Egg-exclusive Baby Pokemon. You also have a one in 450 chance of getting a shiny Pokemon in the wild, according to the website.

In addition to that, Stunfisk will make its debut in the game as the event goes live. You can find Stunfisk in 5 km Eggs, but after the event is over you can only find it in Field Research Tasks or very rarely in the wild according to Niantic.

In other news, Niantic recently announced plans to enhance Pokemon GO for indoor play to help curb the spread of COVID-19, such as improving Adventure Sync so it works better with indoor movement and activities, allowing players to take on Raid Battles together from home and looking into ways for players to virtually visit different places including a new way to enjoy Pokemon GO Fest from home. Niantic has already updated the game to double the distance you can interact with Gyms from.

Make sure to practice social distancing!

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