Tfue Calls For Vault of “Broken” Heavy Sniper in Fortnite

Epic Games / Tfue Tfue could come back some day.

Twitch streamer and Fortnite pro Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney has called on Epic Games to finally vault the Heavy Sniper, a gun that has been controversial since its inception.

On the surface, it might just seem like another sniper, but given its ability to 1-shot walls, it actually can be very annoying to go against them since attackers can steal your walls quite easily if you’re not prepared.

As an added bonus, the sniper will deal out 150 damage for purple rarity on a body shot, but 157 for gold, which makes this an incredibly powerful weapon to wield.

If there’s one thing Tfue isn’t a fan of in Fortnite it’s “W keying” which is when players keep on pushing forward and breaking through structures. Using the Heavy Sniper allows players to do this with ease, and the pro has had enough.

Using two of them in tandem allows for fast-acting players to get a destroyed wall and then a clean shot right after before the opponent even has time to react.

“Double heavy sniper is the most broken sh*t of all time,” he said.

On March 6, he simply tweeted “#VaultHeavySniper” and it actually articulates his point quite nicely.

It’s interesting to see him find an issue with the Heavy Sniper considering Epic Games brought back the even more controversial C4 with the Season 2 update.

C4, like the Heavy Sniper, is very effective in destroying structures, but the C4 can actually wipe out an entire box at once.

Players can carry the explosive in stacks while the sniper has to be reloaded, so C4 can actually be spammed a lot more often, which would make it way more annoying.

Fortnite Heavy Sniper

The Heavy Sniper is back.

Of course, that might not be the exact problem Tfue has with the weapon as he openly said in the past snipers don’t even belong in competitive Fortnite.

“Sniping is all luck, dude,” he said. “That’s why I don’t snipe. Sniping takes zero skill. I hate snipers bro, I think they should remove all of them. Literally, the majority of the time I die is just snipers, some bot just hits one lucky headshot.”

So, when you couple the high damage to players with the ability to 1-shot a wall, you have a very deadly combo on your hands that Tfue is definitely not a fan of.

At the very least, he can look forward to the upcoming aim assist changes so he can hopefully stop getting beamed by controller players.