How to Unlock the Museum in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Animal Crossing New Horizons Museum

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is all about building your own personal paradise on a cute little island. While you’ll spend a considerable amount of time customizing your home, it’s possible to attract other facilities and people to your getaway. One of these places is the museum, which is a mainstay for the series. At this location, players can donate various wildlife they capture and then observe them in the museum. However, the museum isn’t unlocked right away and will take a few steps before you have a place to display all the island critters.

How to Build the Museum

Once you go through the opening prologue, you’ll be let loose on the island. After Tom Nook walks you through making your own fishing rod, you’ll be able to start catching animals. Before you leave he will mention wanting to see the animals you find. You will need to show Tom Nook 5 different animals before his friend Blathers agrees to come live on the island. This can be done fairly early since it can be any mix of bugs, fossils, or fish. We recommend building the Flimsy Net for 5 wood since you’ll see a lot of insects around the island.

After 5 donations are made, you’ll be informed that Tom Nook’s friend is on his way. Blathers will then arrive at 5:00 pm the next day, but first, you need to find a spot for his tent. Speak to Tom Nook again and ask him what you should do. He will give you a tent kit and ask you to find a spot on the island for him. Once you do, speak to Nook again to progress the quest. Blathers will then arrive on the next calendar day, so now you have to wait.

Go talk to him to progress this quest. The owl will then request 15 new donations, so you’ll need to go back out there and hunt for some animals. After 15 donations are made, Blathers will begin construction of the museum.

It will take 24 hours for the museum to be built, so come back later when it’s opened. Tom Nook will hold a small announcement proclaiming the museum open for all. You can now visit the museum at any time and donate your animals there if you aren’t selling them.

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