When Will xQc Return to Twitch? Here’s When His Ban Ends

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Twitch star and former Overwatch pro Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel was banned on Twitch after playing a game of strip Connect 4 for the opponent ended up being topless for a couple of seconds.

The streamer tried to click away almost immediately, but it wasn’t enough and Twitch dished out a ban to one of their biggest stars.

Don’t fret though, as xQc’s ban won’t be permanent and he’ll be right back to streaming before you know it. In fact, it’ll be a lot sooner than you might expect.

The former pro attempted to appeal the ban and explain his case to Twitch, but the ban was still upheld and he took responsibility for it.

“I wanted to update everyone yesterday but it was unclear and I wanted to appeal and have a chance to explain myself,” he tweeted. “I did but it didn’t matter, we’re tanking the whole thing. Things are a little different than I expected but ultimately it was my fault. We’ll roll when we’re back.”

xQc Received a 3-Day Ban

Along with that tweet, he included an image of the email he received from Twitch which revealed his ban would only last three calendar days.

“Your suspension will expire 3 calendar days after the time it was issued, and the strike will remain on your account,” says the email.

Since it all happened on Saturday night, that would mean his ban could be up as early as Wednesday if we count Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday as three full calendar days.

When he is finally back from his suspension, he will more than likely be avoiding games like strip Connect 4 in the future.

xqc banned twitch nudity

xQcOW: TwitchxQc will be back soon.

While he’s known for his crazy reactions and willingness to watch and play just about everything, he has to be careful to not push the boundaries too much because the next ban could end up being a permanent one if Twitch follows their three strike policy.

He was previously banned July 31, which he said was a result of watching “Safe For Work Porn.” The former pro explains that Twitch went through a recent broadcast of his and informed him he violated the rules, which resulted in his first suspension.

Who knows, perhaps this brief hiatus could’ve been just what the streamer needed before he comes back bigger and better than ever. Streaming can be a very stressful job, so getting a break, whether it’s forced or not, can be beneficial.

For someone who has viewership as large as him, his massive fanbase will no doubt welcome him back with open arms.

He’ll just have to make sure he’s careful with what he shows on stream from now on or else he might have to start looking into other platforms like Mixer, Facebook, or YouTube for his streams going forward.

One thing’s for certain and it’s he definitely can’t afford to show any more nudity on his broadcasts, whether it’s animated or not.

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