How to Reach Zavala’s Office & Vault in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Zavala Office Vault

The Fourth Horseman shotgun has returned and it’s better than ever. Boasting the perk Thunderer, each shot from this gun deals more damage and has a wider spread. This makes it ideal for damaging bosses up close or tearing apart Champion level enemies. Similar to the Leviathan’s Breath, this Destiny 2 Exotic requires you to discover a new, hidden area in The Tower. Players will need to navigate a mini-maze to discover Zavala’s Vault, but thankfully it’s quite easy to get to once you know the path.

(Author’s Note: This part is currently bugged and the door isn’t always open. If you’re having trouble, try going to orbit and then reloading into The Tower. This helped me and I now have access.)

How to Get to Zavala’s Office

Destiny 2 Zavala's Office

When you land in The Tower, head to the middle of the courtyard where the railing wraps around a big open area. Jump down onto a catwalk below and follow it towards where Banshee is located. You will be below him, so make sure you’re on the lower level.

Destiny 2 Zavala's Office

Now run forward and take a right down the staircase with the yellow railing. Follow these stairs until you can take a left down some more stairs. Go down the stairs, take a left, and enter the second large door on your right. This will lead you to Zavala’s office.

How to Get to Zavala’s Vault

Now that you’ve successfully found Zavala’s office, you’ll need to access his vault of weapons. Take the door to the right of his desk and follow the stairs until you reach a room with a glass door you cannot open. Turn around and crouch walk under the stairs you just used. Enter the small vent on the right and follow it until you fall into a room with a small jump you have to make.

Hop across the gap, go up the stairs, and run down the orange-tinted room with all the pipes. Taking the first left will lead you into a storage room where you can hop on the shelves to enter another vent at the very end. Follow the stairs up and around the corner until you can climb onto some boxes to reach a vent. When you’re in the vent, take the next right and hop down into the vault. You’ll see an empty case where the Fourth Horseman should be. Inspect it and then go speak to Zavala to continue the quest.

Did you really think it was going to be that easy? Thankfully, the rest of the quest just involves some busywork around Mars and the EDZ. With the exception of completing a Legendary Lost Sector, this is a fairly easy Exotic to obtain.

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