Apex Legends The Old Ways Release Date, Duos, & More

Apex Legends’ newest event revolves around everyone’s favorite hunter, Bloodhound. Alongside a new cinematic trailer detailing the backstory of this character, The Old Ways event will permanently introduce a Duos game mode, along with a map change to World’s Edge. Similar to how Octane set up a massive arena in King’s Canyon, this event will have players battle against a horde of monsters called Prowlers.

In addition to this limited-time event, Duos and Kings Canyon will be permanently added to Apex Legends. These have been long-requested features from players, so expect to be dropping into King’s Canyon a lot in the future. The Old Ways will also include new cosmetics for players to earn or directly purchase, along with some returning ones from laster year.

Here’s everything you need to know about The Old Ways event.

The Old Ways  Release Date

The Old Ways will launch on April 7 and run until April 21. During this time, a section of Word’s Edge will be altered in the northwest region of the map. It’s described as enclosed, so expect this to be a tricky final circle if the walls are high. Alongside the event, both Duos and King’s Canyon will launch on April 7.

The Old Ways Cinematic Trailer

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The Old Ways  Cosmetics

Similar to System Override, The Old Ways will have a mix of free and premium cosmetic items. Players will be able to unlock skins for various weapons and characters by completing Daily Challenges that award points. The more points you earn, the more event loot you will obtain. There is no charge to earn these items, so if you want some free loot just play Apex Legends during the event and complete the challenges offered.

For those willing to spend a bit more cash, there are a number of different skins and cosmetics rotating through the item store. Unlike other events, these will not be tied to an Heirloom and you can only get them as they rotate through the shop. These won’t be tied to event-themed Apex Packs. If you’re looking to pick up any of the skins above, make sure to check the store on the right day otherwise it will be unavailable.

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