How to Unlock Art Wing of Museum in Animal Crossing: New Horizons


To coincide with the start of the new Nature Day event, Animal Crossing: New Horizons is introducing a whole new wing of the museum into the game.

Joining your fossils, bugs and fish will be a new section that will house any art you find in the game. You might be wondering what exactly that means, especially when you consider there hasn’t been any art in New Horizons yet.

However, that will no longer be a concern because you’ll now be able to talk to Redd and purchase art from him. If he seems a bit fishy to you, that’s because he is. This character is most likely involved with a bad group of people and is looking to make a quick buck.

There’s even a good chance that the art you do decide to purchase from him is stolen, which makes this another dangerous endeavor to make bells, similar to playing the Stalk Market.

With the Nintendo Switch having a much higher resolution than the 3DS before it, it’s a bit easier to spot what’s fake and what isn’t, but we’ll likely see Nintendo take that into account and throw a few wrenches into things.

All of this is pointless, though, if you don’t have a place to put your paintings. Here’s how to unlock the art wing in the museum.

How to Unlock the Art Wing

animal crossing new horizons art wing

NintendoHere’s how to expand your museum.

When you first load up Animal Crossing following this update, you’ll be greeted by Isabelle reading off the daily island news, but she won’t mention museum expansion.

Instead, you’ll have to head to Blathers himself to get the details. He’ll say you can now donate art to him, but that still doesn’t help you find any.

From here, you’ll need to take advantage of the time skip option as you’ll need to wait a few days.

Jump ahead a day and you’ll start seeing Redd lurking around your island. Purchase a piece of art from him and take it to Blathers, who will announce the museum is being expanded.

Now, jump ahead again to complete construction and you’ll have a fancy new art wing in your museum. All you’ll have to make sure you do now is not fill it up with a bunch of fake paintings!

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is out now exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

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