Deadpool Crashes Fortnite Soon & Will Take Over The Yacht

Epic Games The Yacht has been taken over.

The conclusion of Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 2 is drawing closer and the payoff of all of these Deadpool challenges is finally arriving.

Beginning tomorrow, April 3, Deadpool will make his appearance in the game and boot Mr. Meowscles off the Yacht.

The leaks that showed Deadpool getting his own pistols in the game appear to be spot on as when he makes his appearance, he’ll need to be using a weapon of some sort.

What’s interesting is that he’ll be taking over The Yacht location, which means that one of the bosses who has appeared in Season 2 will be getting the boot. It’s unclear what will happen to good ol’ Meowscles, but it won’t be long before we find out.

After the inaugural Chapter 2 season didn’t have much of a storyline to follow, it’s refreshing to see Epic Games bring it back in Season 2. There’s still a lot that can happen through the rest of the season, and we’re excited to find out just what it is.

When he does take over the boat, it looks like it’ll be getting its own visual overhaul, if this leak by FortTory is anything to go by.

Of course, players can keep on doing their Deadpool challenges each week for the chance to unlock the famed merc with a mouth.

There are several weeks of challenges available, but they are quite easy to complete so if you’re way behind, go ahead and check out our challenge hub.

He’s been up to something the entire season behind the scenes, but now his plan is finally coming to fruition. If he ends up becoming one of the season’s new bosses, it’ll be interesting to see how powerful he truly is.

fortnite week 5 deadpool challenges

Epic GamesDeadpool is coming soon.

It’s no secret that Midas has the ability to absolutely demolish unsuspecting players, and we expect Deadpool to be no different.

He likely won’t be as powerful as Thanos was when he was in the game, but we expect him to wield a lot of power.