Fortnite Leak Reveals Major Swimming Overhaul

fortnite chapter 2 swimming underwater

Epic Games Perhaps we will be getting an aquatic theme in the next season.

When Fortnite rolled over into Chapter 2, it did so with a huge change to the swimming mechanics. The main change was, of course, the actual ability to swim instead of just wading through the water.

The onset of Chapter 2 also opened the door to fishing, which gave players a brand-new way to heal in the middle of a match.

From the sounds of things, Epic Games will be adding deeper mechanics to swimming, such as the ability to actually go deep by swimming underwater.

According to a leak from Skin-Tracker, the v12.41 patch revealed some animations for swimming underwater. Before you say that sounds weird, keep in mind that players can already do this in other games, PUBG for example.

It’s unclear if this means players will be able to find new loot underwater, but since this is Epic Games, we can probably expect them to introduce something cool.

Keep in mind that this remains a leak for now and there’s no guarantee this will ever enter the game. Lots of things are found in the files with each update, but that doesn’t mean they necessarily have to come to Fortnite.

It’s unclear if this will end up tying into the Travis Scott concert in any way, but considering it’s just in a couple of days, that does seem unlikely.  Scott’s stage is floating in the water, so that is something to be aware of.

A leak by FireMonkey shows the gameplay cues from the upcoming event and swimming underwater is one of them.


Epic Games did promise we’d have plenty of content to dive into following the delay of Season 3, so they’ll have to fill that void with something and this could be it.

Then again, the start of a new season usually results in a plethora of map changes. If the changes result in more water, it’s possible we could even see some underwater elements, which is where the ability to dive would come in handy.

Whatever the case may be, keep an eye out for this new swimming mechanic in the future.

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