Fortnite Travis Scott Concert Stage Under Construction

fortnite travis scott concern location

Epic Games Travis Scott is coming to Fortnite.

Things are moving along quite fast for the Fortnite Travis Scott concert as we now know where the show will take place.

Just a day earlier, players were reporting in-game posters for the event and if you looked up at a meteor that was approaching, you’d hear some music play.

Now, if you head on over to Sweaty Sands, you’ll discover the early workings of a stage in progress, suggesting that this concert is that much closer to happening.

We’re still in the very, very early stages of this, so don’t be surprised if we’re still a week or so out from the event actually happening, but it looks like this could have been what Epic Games initially had in store for the actual ending of Season 2.

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Of course, the news came out earlier this month that Season 3 will kick off in early June, meaning players have an extra month of this season to endure.

Epic Games promised they will fill the void with new challenges and content for players to tackle, and it looks like this special show will end up being the start of that.

fortnite travis scott concert

Epic Games / GettyTravis Scott x Fortnite.

When Marshmello had his Pleasant Park concert back in 2019, he did so by receiving a special in-game skin and players even heard his actual voice in the game.

Whether Epic Games decides to do that with Travis Scott remains to be seen, but it would be a shame if they don’t.

Another thing Marshmello got was an actual skin and a pickaxe. Travis Scott would be a welcome addition to the Icon Series, so it’d be cool to see him immortalized in the game.

This concert hasn’t exactly come out of nowhere as the Houston rapper is a big fan of Fortnite. During the 2018 stream with Drake and Ninja that skyrocketed Fortnite into the mainstream, Scott was also part of the squad.

We don’t yet know the exact start date for this concert, and it actually hasn’t been officially confirmed either. Be on the lookout for news about the event in the coming days.

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