How to Complete Fortnite Season 2 Week 9 Challenges

fortnite season 2 week 9 challenges

Epic Games Could changes be coming to The Agency?

Another set of Fortnite challenges is right over the horizon and it will feature a variety of tasks for players to compete.

Coming off the news that the season has been extended into June, players are going to be dying for new content, and Epic Games has already confirmed they will be giving it to them.

For those looking to dive right into the Week 9 challenges and earning some experience to level up their Battle Pass and unlock new cosmetics, look no further.

Thanks to Fortnite leaker FireMonkey, we already know what to expect from these challenges and how to complete them.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at what it’ll take to complete this week’s challenges.

Fortnite Season 2 Week 9 Challenges

fortnite week 9 challenges

Epic GamesHere’s a look at the Fortnite Week 9 challenges.

Just by taking a quick look at the challenges, there’s nothing that pops up that will be too difficult to complete.

Of course, challenges have never been easier since the majority of them will clearly be marked on the map, even the ones that require players to land at certain locations.

Anyway’s here’s a look at the challenges:

  • Search Chests in different Named Locations (0/5)
  • Deal damage to players with Sniper Rifles (0/300)
  • Upgrade a weapon to Legendary rarity at an Upgrade Bench (0/1)
  • Search a Llama, Legendary Chest, or Supply Drop (0/1)
  • Deal damage to a Choppa with a passenger or pilot inside (0/100)
  • Collect XP coins (0/5)
  • Carry a giant pink teddy bear found in Risky Reels 100 meters (0/100)
  • Search Midas’ golden llama between a junk yard, gas station, and RV campsite (0/1)
  • Gather Intel during Spy Games Operation matches (0/10)
  • Earn Survival, Combat, or Scavenger Gold Medals (0/3)

All in all, it looks like it’ll be an easy week of challenges, just time-consuming. We’ll have to wait and see what Epic Games have up their sleeves for the extra month of content.

Other leaks from this update have revealed an upcoming set of X-Force skins, so it’ll be interesting to see if they decide to something fun and cool with those outfits. Only time will tell.

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