How to Get the Materia Inside the Ventilation Fan in Final Fantasy 7 Remake

FF7 Remake Inside the Ventilation Fan

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During Chapter 6 (Light the Way) of Final Fantasy VII Remake, you’ll come upon a walkway stationed next to a set of huge ventilation fans. As you struggle to make your way across that walkway, you’ll spot a fan with a red orb of Materia sitting right inside of its grate.

Continue on with your mission of powering off three Sun Lamps. Once you’ve flipped the switch on the third and final Sun Lamp, head back to the section with the main H-01 sign where your main quest began. Once you’ve made it there, head past the huge elevator and run right to the other moving platform (this gets powered on after you’ve completed your Sun Lamp mission). Once you’re on that moving platform, Barrett will start singing about finding treasure. Once you’ve reached your destination, head up the proceeding ladder.

Once you make it to the top, you’ll spot a switch for a command console that controls the ventilation fan system. Before you turn it on, be sure to fully recover your HP/MP on the nearby bench and stock up on items (and a new jukebox tune) in the vendor. And also make sure you save because you have a tough task ahead of you.

After turning on the command console, a timer will immediately start. You’ll only be given one minute to wipe out two Sentry Guns and a Queen Grashtrike in the next room. Take them out as quickly as possible, then run over to power on the other command console on the opposite side of the room. If you fail this timed sequence on the first try, don’t worry – you’ll be able to restart the previous console and attempt to complete the timed battle sequence again (and this time, with much weaker bugs to squash).

After interacting with the second command console, a pathway will open up and lead you right to that Red orb of Materia. This one’s labeled as the Chocobo & Moogle Materia, which can be equipped into the Summon Materia slot. Once you go back inside the timed battle room, don’t leave before you smash the Shinra Crates located to the right of the door you previously opened – smashing them will get you a Moogle Medal.

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