How to Get the Yellow Materia Inside the Church in Final Fantasy 7 Remake

FF7 Remake Yellow Materia Church

Square Enix

When you finally make it to the part of Final Fantasy 7 Remake where you help Aerith escape the clutches of Shinra guards and a certain Turk member in a Church, you’ll notice something that’s unreachable (at first).

During the chase sequence that kicks off Chapter 8 (Budding Bodyguard), you’ll peep a locked-off section that’s covered by those weird gray spirits. Behind it is a yellow orb of Materia, but you’re unable to retrieve it during this segment. For now, just keep progressing until you complete the main quest that requires you to rescue two kids in the slums of Sector 5. Once you’ve finished this mission, a bunch of new side quests becomes available to you. Bur before you attempt to take all of them down, head out of town to the train station first.

Once you’ve it made it there, divert back to the pathway you took to get to the train station the first time around. Make your way through that trail and you’ll eventually come upon the open doors of the Church you escaped from at the beginning of Chapter 8. Simply waltz on in, go through the right door all the way at the end of the first room and look to your right. You’ll come upon the one blocked room and now be able to pick up that yellow orb of Materia, which is marked as Chakra. You can also find a chest within the Church by doing some extra exploring at this moment, by the way.

Since Tifa already starts off with that Materia ability attached to her, it’s best to give your extra Chakra Materia to Cloud. An up-close and personal melee machine like him works extremely well with that Materia’s healing ability attached to him.

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