NBA 2K Website Tracks Ratings Through Players’ Entire Career will let you track any player in the NBAs player ratings through their career isn’t a new website, but it has just undergone a transformation. It’s now an even deeper resource for NBA 2K player ratings than it was before.

In addition to a new layout, you can also now track any player in the game’s ratings from the beginning of their career–provided it wasn’t before the series existed in 1999. One player of interest is the Atlanta Hawks’ Vince Carter.

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He’s the only active player who has been in every NBA 2K game ever made. Above you can see how he began his career rated an 82 in the original NBA 2K. Carter’s high point was in NBA 2K1 when he was rated a 95 overall.

Through a long career, his overall rating has never been below a 72 overall. That’s where it is currently, and it’s also where it was in 2015 when NBA 2K16 was released.

LeBron James’ NBA 2K Career

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The King’s first NBA 2K game was NBA 2K4. It seems crazy to even imagine, but James began his NBA 2K career rated a 78 overall. That’s a pretty standard rating for a highly touted rookie, but knowing now that he has become one of the game’s all-time greats, and that he won Rookie of the Year that season, it seems almost unbelievable.

He began his second year with an 88 overall rating in NBA 2K5, and since then, James’ 2K rating hasn’t been lower than a 94 overall. That remarkable consistency is just another bit of proof of how good James has been throughout his career.

Luka Doncic’ Meteoric Ratings Rise

The most significant jump from one year to the next has to belong to Dallas Mavericks superstar Luka Doncic. He won Rookie of the Year for the 2018-19 season, but he began the year with a 79 overall rating. He finished the season with an 87 rating, and when the 2019-20 campaign was suspended, Doncic’s rating had already risen to a 96 overall.

Doncic has established himself as one of the NBA’s best players, and 2K has validated the concept because he’s tied for the fourth-highest overall rating in the game.

Other Filters

In addition to the rating tracker, there are some other filters on the new-look You can now search WNBA player ratings, including best by position, attribute, nationality, draft class, and award recipients.

There is even a section for the noteworthy players who are missing from the game overall, such as Charles Barkley, Reggie Miller, Rasheed Wallace, and others. With each passing year, 2K fans hope to have Barkley, Miller, Wallace, and others added. However, unless you have access to the PC version and the work of a modder like Shuajota, you won’t be able to play with those NBA greats.

This clearly isn’t lost on Lock that in as another useful tool in the 2K universe.

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