NBA 2K20: How to Get New Galaxy Opal Blake Griffin and Clyde Drexler

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It just began, been its already been a busy week in the NBA 2K20 My Team universe. On Tuesday, 2K rolled out a new set of Buzzer Beater cards.

The top options in this set are supposedly the Galaxy Opal Blake Griffin and Clyde Drexler cards, but there may be a Pink Diamond and even a Diamond that is better than one of the GOs.

Here is the trailer introducing the set.

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There are 2 ways to get the cards in this set. You can pull them in the newest version of the Buzzer Beater series packs, which are subject to the low odds–but it’s still pretty fun–or you can eliminate the gamble and get them from the Auction House.

Here are the detailed specifics for both of those methods as it pertains to this new series of cards.

Pack Costs

  • 7,500 VC or 10,500 MT for 1 Pack
  • 67,500 VC for 10 Packs
  • 135,000 VC for 20 Packs

Auction Costs on Day 1

These costs can always fluctuate, but hours after the series was available, here’s how much the cards were going for on the top end.

  • Blake Griffin – 410,000 MT
  • Clyde Drexler – 150,000 MT
  • Desmond Mason – 90,000 – 37,000 MT (Wide Range)
  • Brent Barry – 27,000 MT

At this point, the differences between most of the cards are slight, but that little bit of separation can be the deciding factor in a win or loss. Also in the set is a Pink Diamond Desmond Mason with the expected uber athleticism.

There is also a hidden gem in the Diamond Brent Barry. Even though he has an erroneous weight of 244 pounds, that doesn’t matter in MyTeam.

You cant get caught worrying about the departures from realism. If you play the card as it is meant to be played, he can offer some solid value for you.

The Griffin card features a sped-up jump shot animation that might serve to attract some fans who hadn’t messed with his Pink Diamond. His dunking is perhaps the most attractive attribute. He has a 99 standing and driving dunk rating, and thus he finishes on the level of the Galaxy Opal Ben Simmons.

While Griffin doesn’t have those handle animations that make the Simmons card almost unstoppable, he is still deadly from any reasonable launch pad.

The Drexler card has all the ratings and badges you’ll want, but the character model is stiff and has a clunky crossover. It doesn’t feel smooth or as if it will be playable in most high-level competitive matches.

From a pure value standpoint, the best card could be the Desmond Mason Pink Diamond. The athleticism and bounce are noticeable, and the three-point ratings are favorable. If I had to compare the feel of the card to one of the mode’s current favorites, I’d liken it to the Pink Diamond or Galaxy Opal Tracy McGrady, only with a little less snap.

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