NBA 2K20 MyTeam Pack Odds: Here Are Your Chances of Pulling A Galaxy Opal

NBA 2K20 NBA 2K20 - MyTeam Odds

Ever wonder what your chances are of pulling a prized card from any of the tons of content packs released within NBA 2K20’s MyTeam mode? Well, here is your answer.

2K Explains the Pack Odds and Any Possible Variations to the Process

2K published this web page around the time NBA 2K20 launched, but many users seem to be unaware of it.

As many MyTeam fans delve deeper into the mode, I thought it was a good idea to make sure everyone knows the odds associated with pulling packs.

The following chart and information come directly from 2K.

BASE League Moments/Heat Check/Spotlight PACKS

68+ Rated Player 100%
70+ Rated Player 68%
75+ Rated Player 40%
80+ Rated Player 18%

STANDARD/DELUXE League Moments/Heat Check PACKS**

68+ Rated Player 100%
70+ Rated Player 80%
75+ Rated Player 65%
80+ Rated Player 43%
84+ Rated Player 23%
87+ Rated Player 5%

**For STANDARD/DELUXE League Moments/Heat Check PACKS that include a chance at a player rated 93+ or higher, the chance of obtaining a 93+ rated player is <2%.

All other packs with a chance at a 93+ rated card or higher

68+ Rated Player 100%
70+ Rated Player 80%
75+ Rated Player 65%
80+ Rated Player 43%
84+ Rated Player 23%
87+ Rated Player 5%
93+ Rated Player <2%

* NBA 2K20 may also offer certain “special offer” MyTEAM card packs from time to time that may have different player card distribution probabilities. In these instances the particular probability information will be made available at the time of purchase.

Probabilities are approximate; minor variations may occur as player cards are added or retired. 2K reserves the right to update or modify the MyTEAM card pack player card probabilities shown above from time to time at its discretion. Such update or modification shall be effective upon posting in connection with any future MyTEAM card pack purchases.

What Does This Mean for MyTeam Users?

Quite simply, you’re taking a risk with your in-game currency, which you may have acquired with real money–if you’re a VC buyer. Most people buy packs in hopes of pulling a Galaxy Opal, Pink Diamond, or Diamond card. The last major prize 2K released in the mode was the Galaxy Opal Blake Griffin in the latest Buzzer Beaters drop.

If someone opens a box of 20 packs and doesn’t come away with any of the top prizes, they will quickly regard the experience as a failure.

When you consider Diamond cards go from 93 overall to 95, Pink Diamonds range from 96 to 98 and Opals are obviously 99+, then it’s clear, you have a less-than-2-percent chance to pull one of these choice cards in every single pack you open.

That said, we all know, it’s pretty fun to open packs, and there’s nothing quite like seeing that you’ve just pulled an Opal. Feel free to enjoy the experience, but just like someone who is grabbing a coin to reveal the prize or consolation on a scratch-off ticket for your state lottery, understand the game you’re playing.

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