NBA 2K20: 5 Players Still Missing Spotlight Sim Cards in MyTeam

Getty Coby White needs a Spotlight Sim card in NBA 2K MyTeam

NBA 2K20 created the ingenious Spotlight Sim Moments cards to keep the flow of content going amidst the COVID-19 shutdown.

The 2K community has been submitting crazy boxscores from their own gameplay to the NBA 2K MyTeam Twitter account, and the development team for the game has been using those stats to produce cards that have been rolled out to the fans. It’s been a real highlight of the dev team’s hard work and ability to produce content during a tough time.

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We’ve seen Galaxy Opal cards for Donovan Mitchell, Domantas Sabonis, as well as Diamond cards for players like OG. Anunoby. Perhaps we need to see some stellar screenshots of boxscores from the following five players.

Chicago Bulls’ Coby White

The Bulls’ rookie point guard is known for his quickness and ability to score points in bunches. In real life, he’s very streaky from the three-point line, somewhat of a defensive liability because of his thin frame, but the future is bright for him as the team’s potential point guard of the future. It’s a perfect setup for a killer Spotlight Sim card.

Cleveland Cavaliers’ Dean Wade

Popular MyTeam YouTuber DBG has been pounding the drum loudly for a Dean Wade Spotlight Sim card.

Ward is a strange obsession for DBG and others who are pining for this card considering he’s played in exactly 12 NBA games and is averaging 1.7 points in those contests, but that’s what this initiative is all about for many of the fans.

Miami Heat’s Kendrick Nunn

Nunn was one of the biggest surprise rookies during the 2019-20 NBA season. The 24-year-old was having an outstanding rookie campaign and was undoubtedly on his way to All-Rookie team honors averaging 15.6 points per game and starting 62 contests.

He’s definitely deserving of a Spotlight Sim card.

Phoenix Suns’ Jalen Lecque

The mere thought of what a Spotlight Sim Jalen Lecque card might look like is exciting to ponder. Lecque blew up highlights all over the internet during his G-League stint this season. Lecque may have some of the most explosive leaping ability anywhere in the basketball universe.

The Best of Jalen Lecque In The NBA G LeagueJalen Lecque is all about making big moves Lecque has been averaging 13.5 PTS, 3 REB, 2.9 AST this season The NBA G League is the NBA's official minor league. Fans can get a glimpse at the players, coaches and officials competing to ascend to the NBA's rank. The NBA G League is the best…2020-01-24T21:10:49.000Z

Lecque, who is just 19 years old, hasn’t had an opportunity to show everything he can do with the Suns just yet, but you get the feeling he has some serious upside. Because of his uncanny hops, Lecque could easily be made one of the best dunkers in the MyTeam stratosphere, and it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch in the fantasy mode.

Chicago Bulls’ Luke Kornet

MyTeam is the perfect place for a player like Kornet to get a pretty strong Diamond card. He’s a seven-footer with a great three-point stroke and decent shot-blocking ability.

There is a Boban Marjanovic card that would probably be comparable. Let’s face it, that’s probably the only way Kornet is going to get a card above a silver or bronze in MyTeam.

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