Ninja Blasts Fortnite’s Skill-Based Matchmaking As Unfun

Epic Games

The state of Fortnite has been in constant flux ever since the release of skill-based matchmaking, which was implemented as a way to make the game more balanced and fair to players of all skill.

This ended up splitting the playerbase into two sides. One side thinks the current state of Fortnite is good as it is, while the other side thinks they shouldn’t have to grind and practice each and every day to get a win.

The casual player likely has no issue with how the game is as they only play the game every now and then just to blow off some steam. The players who play Fortnite daily and are above average at it are likely the ones with issues.

Fortnite aim assist changes

Epic GamesMany players are losing interest in Fortnite.

Ninja, after taking a few weeks off from Fortnite, returned the game, he was quickly dominated by other players and explained his issues with SBMM.

“Like, I shouldn’t have to play Creative and play Fortnite and practice my 1-by-1s and build battling every single day so I can get a couple of solo wins,” he said. “You know what I mean? I shouldn’t have to.”

He is far from the only player who has these concerns which is why we’ve seen players like CouRageJD, TimTheTatman, Dr Lupo, and many others play Fortnite less or even stop playing it completely.

Obviously, it’s important for Epic Games to strike a balance with players of all skill types, and it all boils down to the competitive players making up just a small percentage of the Fortnite base.

While the addition of skill-based matchmaking may have created a better experience of the majority of players, it’s clear that it has started to wane on the top content creators.

The competitive players have stuck around since they put in the work and would like to see it pay off, but the top content creators don’t have that type of investment into the game, so they are starting to branch off into other endeavors.

At this point, is it really that hard to blame them?

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