What’s the Correct Subway Route in Resident Evil 3 Remake

Resident Evil 3 Subway Path

Just like previous entries in this iconic franchise, there are quite a few puzzles that players will need to solve in Resident Evil 3. The first major puzzle is tied to determining the correct path for the subway to travel. This can be a bit confusing since the map is an absolute mess on your right. You’ll want to get your car from Redstone Street to Fox Park by passing through a number of different stations. Here’s how to solve this puzzle and what awaits you after completing it.

Subway Route Anwer

First off, don’t worry about Nemesis he cannot enter this room. There are no monsters or enemies you’ll need to concern yourself with. Interacting with the console will bring up two columns, one with letters (the subway stations) and numbers (the different railway tracks). Here are the correct inputs from top to bottom:

  • RE – 01
  • FA-02
  • RA- 03
  • SA – 02
  • FO -01

Once you are done, click the blue button at the bottom. This will direct your attention to a screen that highlights the path in green. Jill will then contact Carlos and inform him that the route has been successfully planned. Before you leave, don’t forget to use the lockpick on the attache case in the corner and the locker in the other room.

When you make your way out you’ll be greeted by a Nemesis-infected zombie. Wait for it to expose the orange eye and then blast it in the head. Don’t get to close or it will use its tail to strike at you!

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