Every Upcoming Animal Crossing: New Horizons Event

upcoming animal crossing events


A little over a month since the release of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the casual players have slowly started to be weeded out while the diehards are still going as strong as ever.

In an effort to please these fans, as well as those who are just playing casually, Nintendo has laid out their plans over the next couple of months regarding the events coming to the game.

With the controversial Bunny Day event leaving a sour taste in the mouths of many players, there’s really nowhere to go but up, and that’s what Nintendo appears to be doing.

The Nature Day event will kick off on April 23, and it brings fan-favorite Leif into the mix and he’ll sell all sorts of shrubs and seeds for players to decorate their island with. Spring is in the air and Leif will be helping you get prepared. This event will run until May 4.

During that event, the May Day Tour will begin from May 1 to 7, and it’ll allow players to head out on a limited-time tour to a different type of island than they might expect.

To close out the month of May, from the 18 to 31, it will be International Musuem Day and players will be able to take part in the Stamp Rally.

Finally, in June, it will be Wedding Season, which is when players can visit both Reese and Cyrus to get a glimpse at the married life in Animal Crossing.

Here’s a complete description of each of the events coming to Animal Crossing:

  • Leif’s Garden Shop – Nature-loving Leif will regularly visit players’ islands to sell his flourishing assortment of foliage, including shrubs and flower seeds. These decorative items will help make any island paradise a little greener.
  • Jolly Redd’s Treasure Trawler – After downloading the free update, Jolly Redd will occasionally show up in his boat to sell in-game art, as well as furniture with unique colors. Like in previous Animal Crossing games, players will have to figure out which art pieces are real and which are fake. After purchasing genuine art, players can donate it to the island museum to open an art gallery, which will display all types of donated pieces, from paintings to sculptures.
  • Nature Day (April 23-May 4) – During the Nature Day period, special Nook Miles challenges will be available that focus on nature-inspired goals, such as planting trees and watering flowers.
  • May Day Tour (May 1-7) – In the first week of May, players can use a one-time May Day Ticket at the island airport to head out on a limited-time tour to an island that looks different than the usual mystery island tours. A special visitor who looks familiar might also be there…
  • International Museum Day (May 18-31) – To celebrate International Museum Day, players can take part in a Stamp Rally. After receiving a special stamp card, players can enjoy viewing fish, insects and fossils while collecting stamps at the various museum exhibits to earn an in-game reward.
  • Wedding Season (June 1-30) – During a nuptial-themed June, players can visit Harvey’s island to meet the married couple Reese and Cyrus, as well as help arrange and take anniversary photos with them in the wedding-picture studio. Players will get wedding-themed items as a token of their gratitude.
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