Dafran Banned on Twitch After Blasting Valorant Tourney

dafran banned twitch

Overwatch League: Dafran

Former Overwatch pro turned full-time Twitch streamer Dafran has been banned from the Amazon-owned platform following his inflammatory comments directed at a Valorant tournament organizer.

The Twitch star was upset the Valorant Solary Tournament changed their start time for a match without him knowing. This caused him and his team to miss the start and they were not happy about that.

Dafran blasted the organizers of the tournament and was handed out a lifetime ban from all future events the team puts on.

Dafran Banned for Life From Solary Tourneys

“Today the player Dafran made disrespectful remarks during our Solary Cup on Valorant,” read Solary’s statement. “These insults were directed at HyP_OW, his team and our organization. We don’t accept this kind of totally inappropriate behavior, especially for a reason that lies at the root of his mistake. Dafran is banned for life from our tournaments and his team will be able to play the game tomorrow with a substitute.”

The former Overwatch pro has been criticized for his behavior in the past and has even said he’s reformed, but he couldn’t resist taking some parting shots at the organizers on Twitter.

“Suck my ball sack,” he said. “Joke of a tournament and organization. Hyp and his team of washed up (Overwatch) players too scared to play. Bunch of b*tches. (Have fun) with (your) dog sh*t.”

The punishment for Dafran didn’t end there.

Dafran Banned Seven Days on Twitch

Since the brunt of Dafran’s complaints came on Twitch, the platform had no choice but to step in and deliver a hefty ban. This isn’t his first ban either, so it ended up being a bit longer than the traditional 24 hours.

Instead, he was handed a 7-day ban from Twitch, which is something he saw coming and has already accepted it with open arms. It certainly doesn’t seem like he has any intention of apologizing for this recent incident.

“7 days ban on Twitch. F**k it, worth,” he said.

It looks like his viewers will have to do something else for a week as they wait for him to return from his ban.

One has to wonder if he’ll actually change his ways and become “reformed” following his return. Twitch tends to follow a 3-strike policy when it comes to bans, so he’ll have to tread on thin ice.

His next mishap could end up being his last on the platform, which would definitely prove to be a major blow since he relies on his income as a streamer to survive.

Perhaps he’ll be able to become a pro in Valorant, as many other streamers plan on doing, but that’s still a while out as the game is still in its closed beta period. It also doesn’t help that he’s been banned for life by one of the biggest organizers in the scene.

He’s still a very big name, so he’ll likely find his ways into other tournaments based on fame alone, but his behavior will definitely be something other organizers will no doubt be wary of.

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