Fortnite Players Want New Apex Legends Season 5 Feature

Epic Games

With the onset of Apex Legends Season 5, the game saw all sorts of new content that has players excited.

Obviously the biggest addition of the new season is the introduction of Loba, which increases the Legend roster even more and perhaps adds the most interesting character in the game to this point.

Outside of this, some major quality of life changes were introduced and some Fortnite fans are hoping Epic Games decides to copy another feature from Respawn’s battle royale.

As you may remember, shortly after Apex Legends released in February 2019, Fortnite added a location pinging system, very similar to Apex. Now, players are asking for a much-requested feature to be added.

Fortnite Players Want to Reconnect

With Apex Legends Season 5, they introduced a way for players to rejoin their game if they unexpectedly dropped, which is definitely something that would be appreciated by players, no matter what they are playing.

To show how much they want this feature, Fortnite players have already taken to Reddit asking for this change, something that has already garnered over 2,000 upvotes.

The way it works in Apex Legends is the disconnected player will just appear to be AFK, but if they are able to reconnect in time, they’ll just join the game again like nothing happened.

Currently, if that same scenario plays out in Fortnite your squad will be forced to finish the rest of the match without you. Obviously, this means that if you run into a strange bug or your internet blips out, you’ll be dropped from the game and it’ll really hurt your team’s chances of winning.

Will Epic Ever Add This Feature?

fortnite more players than ever

Epic GamesFortnite has copied features from other games before.

Whether Epic Games decides to actually add this functionality to Fortnite remains to be seen, but we can’t see any downsides to doing it.

With development on the game still being confirmed for the next few years at least with the onset of the next-gen consoles just over the horizon.

Fortnite is still the most popular battle royale in the world, but if it falls behind in quality of life features such as this, that may not be the case in the next year.

Of course, only time will tell if something is able to overtake Fortnite, whether it’s Warzone, Apex Legends, or something else entirely.

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