Fortnite Doomsday Event Advances to Next Stage

fortnite doomsday event

Epic Games Fortnite Season 3 starts in June.

As we continue to plow through the month of May, Fortnite Season 3 is waiting for us on the other side and Epic Games appears to be teasing some big event.

What’s interesting about all of this is Fortnite is actually progressing this event behind the scenes rather than having it play out in the game.

Eagle-eyed players can pay attention to the Battle Pass screen and see some sneaky things going on that other players might not have seen. The most recent change took place on May 19 and it’s looking like the Doomsday event is going along smoothly.

What’s Going on With the Doomsday Event?

The Doomsday event is the name given by leakers as Epic Games hasn’t officially addressed it as of yet, but they have something going on.

Another set of cables have appeared in the menus, suggesting Midas, or whoever is planning this event, is getting closer to fulfilling their grand plan.

What will happen with all of it remains to be seen, but it looks like Fortnite will be gearing up for their first season-ending live event of Chapter 2, which is something to get excited for.

Fortnite leaker FortTory captured a couple of screenshots showing the new cables if you haven’t been able to see them for yourself yet.

When Will the Event Happen?

Fortnite Season 3 is currently set to debut on June 4, meaning we have a few more weeks before anything actually happens.

There have been some other teases like puddles appearing on the map, but nothing has come from those as of yet, so that will be another thing to keep an eye on as the conclusion of this season unfolds.

If there is a live event coming at the end of all this, we will likely see some teasers on Twitter as well. Epic Games will tend to release several of them in the days leading up to the new season in an effort to build up some hype.

With this current season being extended a whole month, it could use some additional hype, so we’ll have to hope Epic delivers on that end.

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