Amazing Shotgun Concept Would Be Perfect For Fortnite

fortnite lever action shotgun

Epic Games There's one less shotgun in town.

As we continue the countdown towards Fortnite Season 3, fans are anxiously waiting to see what Epic Games has in store next.

We’ve already gotten our first taste of some of the teasers, but we’re still a little over a week from actually getting into the meat of the new season.

There’s a new countdown appearing in the game that is set to end on May 30, but it’s anybody’s guess as to what will happen from that point. Some fans have taken matters into their own hands and created concepts of their own.

This Reddit user went the extra mile and created their own shotgun that looks like it could actually work quite well within the confines of Fortnite.

Lever-Action Shotgun, Anyone?

Fortnite’s shotguns have been a controversial weapon for a long time, whether it’s the fabled double pump or the highly controversial Combat Shotgun.

Reddit user rumplegrumple created a design of what a Lever-Action Shotgun would look like in Fortnite, complete with rarities and damage.

They explain the weapon would shoot two bullets at a time, with six total in the clip, and the Purple rarity would dish out 96 damage.

The higher the rarity, the faster the weapon shoots, and honestly, this looks like it could actually work in the game. The creator also notes that it would have a knockback like the Flintlock Pistol, meaning it has some mobility advantages too.

Does Fortnite Need Another Shotgun?

Before Chapter 2 rolled around, it felt like Epic Games consistently experimented with new weapons and items, but things have slowed down significantly.

Fortnite doesn’t need another shotgun to continue to be successful, but it’d be cool to see them introduce one as it could help shakeup the meta.

The current meta of Fortnite seems to revolve around weapons that can spray such as the Minigun, Drum Gun, or SMG. Adding a new shotgun into the mix wouldn’t necessarily change that, but it would give the option to experiment a bit more.

At this point, it’s unlikely Epic will add another shotgun, but with the start of a new season right around the corner, it’s not really out of the realm of possibilities.

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