Fortnite Loserfruit Skin & Emote Revealed

fortnite loserfruit skin

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Thanks to a Fortnite leak earlier in the week, we know Australian content creator Loserfruit was going to be the next addition to the Icon Series program.

While we knew she was arriving soon, we didn’t exactly know what her set of cosmetics would look like. Leaks confirmed she would be getting an outift, emote, and back bling.

Finally, ahead of the impending release into the item shop, fans can get their first look at the new skin.

What Does the Loserfruit Skin Look Like?

The skin, which was uploaded to Twitter in the form of a video by Fortnite leaker SkinTrackerCom, we get to see what the skin looks like and also how it looks when using the new emote.

This new emote, titled Fruit Punchers, shows the character walking and dancing in place. Eventually, Loserfruit’s logo pops up as the character holds a watering can in an effort to water this rogue fruit.

There’s also a small music jingle that’s heard in the video, which will more than like be playing every time you decide to use the emote.

When Will It Release?

There’s no better time for Loserfruit’s Icon Series skin than tonight, May 22. Of course, nothing is set in stone, but when you consider the fact that Ninja’s Icon skin is currently in the shop, it would be cool to see another creator’s skin sold at the same time.

The Icon Series skins tend to stay in the shop for a bit longer than a traditional outfit, given the fact that they are special designs, so staying in the course of the weekend would be a good move for Loserfruit fans to take advantage of.

Pricing for this special bundle has not yet been revealed, but it will likely fall into a similar pricing model of around 2,000 V-Bucks, but there’s a chance it could be a bit lower.

Only time will tell when it releases, but be on the lookout for it to hit the shop as early as tonight. Now, all we’ll have to do is wait for TheGregf’s skin to be released, and then all of Epic’s announced collaborations will have been revealed.

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