Fortnite Confirms PC Controller Changes Coming

Epic Games

Following the introduction of the v12.60 update of Fortnite, a variety of bug fixes were implemented, but Epic Games also confirmed they were working on something much bigger.

Almost directly after the patch came out, Epic said they are looking at adjustments to how controllers work on PC.

“I can confirm that next week we have PC controller adjustments coming,” said Epic Games’ Nick Chester. “Controller tweaking, tuning, and investigation continues. We have some changes for next steps, but we don’t want to release them right before the FNCS Invitational Finals.”

What Does This Mean?

fortnite tfue controller aim assist

Epic GamesController players are taking over Fortnite.

While they didn’t explicitly name what the changes were going to be, it’s highly likely they will be looking at the aim assist issues as that has been a constant source of complaints from the community for practically the entire season.

With that said, they won’t be doing any tweaks before the FNCS Finals, so it’s possible we’ll have to wait until the new season before we see any major changes come in.

For those of you using controller on console, it sounds like you will be safe from any change, so you won’t have to adapt to a new meta.

Fortnite Pros Are Highly Critical of PC Aim Assist

Possibly due to the higher framerate that’s allowed on PC, the aim assist works a bit different and tends to be a bit more powerful than intended.

PC Fortnite players have become critical of controller players and have outright called them unfair. Tfue has spent his past two streams exclusively on Warzone and has claimed controller aim assist has “ruined” Fortnite.

He believes that his decision to switch to another game caused Epic to move ahead with their plans, but the reality is that this was likely already being looked at.

Epic hasn’t announced the exact steps they will be taking to remedy the situation, but we’ll have to hope it’s enough to keep the players happy and stop them from switching games.

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