This Fortnite Siphon Concept Could Actually Work

fortnite siphon concept

Epic Games

When Epic Games made the controversial decision to remove siphon from regular lobbies and only made it available in the Fortnite Arena playlist, it was met with a lot of backlash.

Siphon is when you eliminated an enemy and automatically gained back some health and shield, which actually sped the game up as you didn’t have as much downtime when recovering from a fight.

Of course, there were some issues with it as it greatly encouraged players to thirst each other when they were downed, which became a major annoyance.

The introduction of the Reboot Van helped alleviate some of these concerns, but siphon has never returned to the traditional lobbies.

Could Siphon Return?

While siphon has never officially been ruled out from returning to the regular lobbies, it has become increasingly unlikely that we’ll ever see it come back, but stranger things have certainly happened, especially in Fortnite.

Perhaps we could see it make an official return in the form of an item, such as this fan-made concept.

Reddit user Bukakanga mocked up an item that would permanently remain in your inventory and block you from actually using other healing items such as bandages and shields.

A lot of people wants siphon back. I have an idea how to return it to pubs without breaking the game from FortNiteBR

You would still have the opportunity to use campfires, apples, and mushrooms, but your traditional ways of healing would disappear. By doing this, it would become a very high-risk, high-reward item.

It can’t be dropped once it’s picked up, so you’ll definitely have to think long and hard about playing out the remained of the match with one of these in your arsenal.

Could This Actually Work?

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Epic GamesEpic does like to try new things in Fortnite.

On paper, this definitely seems like a concept that could work in the game. Aggressive players who prefer to push the attack will certainly like this item, but the more passive players will likely want to avoid it.

The fact that you wouldn’t be able to carry any healing items might prove to be too much of a disadvantage for many players for it to become an actual meta item, meaning it could possibly use some tweaking.

There have definitely been worse concepts out there, so we’d like to see Epic at least consider this as an option. Perhaps it could be debuted in an LTM as a way to see if the excitement for the return of siphon is actually there.

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