Fortnite v12.61 Makes Hidden Change to Storm Circle

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Following the release of the new Fortnite update, players are discovering the storm circle is acting quite strange.

It may be rare, but some players are reporting the circle can appear in weird spots, quickly changing how you’d play a match.

Most of the time, there will be a bit of downtime before the circle actually begins closing in, but following this new patch, some are saying it’s closing faster than usual. Others are reporting that it’ll just close out huge portions of the map right away.

YouTuber and streamer AussieAntics posted a screenshot of a map from a game following the update, and it’s quite bizarre to say the least.

There’s currently not any rhyme or reason as to why this is happening, but there are some theories.

Is This Tied to the Doomsday Event?

It seems too early to tell, but it’s possible these storm changes could be a direct result of the impending Doomsday event that is set to begin on May 30.

It’s possible that Midas, or somebody else, is messing with the weather in some way and it’s changing how the storm works on the map.

Some people think this is actually the case, and it appears that popular YouTuber Ali-A is on that bandwagon.

“It’s a build-up to the live event this weekend, it hasn’t be implemented as serious change to the storm,” he said.

He’s suggesting that this change won’t be here to stay but is instead being used to hype up the event, which does make sense.

What Will Happen With the Doomsday Event

how to complete storm the agency challenges fortnite

Epic GamesDoomsday is coming. Is Midas behind it all?

Thanks to other leakers, we do have an idea of what will happen as a result of the Doomsday event. It’s clear that parts of the map will receive a major overhaul, but we don’t yet know how that will happen.

According to leaked screenshots, many of the popular locations will become damaged, but it’s unclear if that will be part of a flood or something else completely.

Of course, we don’t have to wait very long to find out what this event will entail, and you can consider us very excited to find out.

What’s most interesting is that this event will take place a few days before the end of Season 2, meaning we’ll have to live with the aftermath of the destruction before we going into the new season.

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