How to Complete Fortnite Truce Celebrated Quest

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Epic Games

The conclusion of the Fortnite Season 3 sidequest has finally arrived and the battle between the gnomes and teddy bears has come to an end and to celebrate, there’s a bunch of experience up for grabs.

If you’re one of the players who have their eyes set on unlocking to rare Gold Peely skin, you’re going to have to do a lot of grinding.

One of the things Epic Games has done to help make that grind a little more bearable is introduce a few sets of Location Domination challenges that reward massive amounts of XP as well as some secret quests.

How to Finish Truce Celebrated Quest & Get 15,000 XP

This final questline is actually really easy to complete if you know where to go. You’re going to have to have your eye open for a group of teddy bears and gnomes sitting around a table in the woods.

Of course, that means our journey will take us to the Weeping Woods, the most wooded part of the map. Once you arrive, head on over to the far east side of it and you should see this meeting taking place.

For a more visual representation of things, Reddit user CinemaOfGaming provided a short video of where to look.

Here is how you can get free 15,000 XP by completing the secret discoverable quest #3 "Truce Celebrated" from FortNiteBR

It won’t take very long to complete, and you can even just drop right here if you want to quickly get it out of the way.

Is the Battle Really Over?

While this does appear to be an official ceasefire between the two sides, anyone who follows the ongoing battle between the bears and gnomes knows nothing is really ever over.

It does seem like this will be the end of the feud for Season 2 at least, but there’s no telling if the two will ramp things up again once Season 3 rolls around.

Perhaps Epic Games could introduce another side quest plot featuring completely different things in the upcoming season, but only time will tell.

At the very least, we have some extra experience to go towards unlocking some rare skins as we close out this season.

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