5 Frontier Justice Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

Frontier Justice Game


The Wild, Wild West was a period in time that was full of lawless citizens, get rich quick schemes and bloody gun duels.

ONEMT’s latest mobile RPG takes players into that dangerous world and gives them the opportunity to manage their own frontier town. Frontier Justice puts you in the role of a boss who’s tasked with building up an army full of worthy heroes/troops and setting up the various buildings that keep your town operations running smoothly. Besides those jobs, you’ll need to defend your honor by coming out on top during gun duels and expand your reach by raiding other players’ towns. Frontier Justice is jam-packed with a ton of things to do and see, so we’ve rolled into town on our trusty horse to bring you some much-needed advice.

Here are the top 5 tips, tricks, and cheats you need to know for Frontier Justice:

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1. Get Your Main Responsibilities in Order by Following Each Chapter’s Checklist and Your Overview Tasks

Frontier Justice Game


• As you make your way through Frontier Justice’s many campaign chapters, you’ll acquire an overwhelming amount of responsibilities you’ll be required to tend to. By the time you make it to Chapter Eight, you’ll have a whole lot of buildings placed around your western town and upgrade jobs to fulfill that increase their effectiveness within your operation. Some of these buildings also go towards training your troops, strengthening your boss, growing crops, researching ability boosters, etc.

• In order to keep track of everything going on around you, there are two main menu icons you’ll need to open up on a frequent basis – the mission stated at the bottom of your screen near the golden exclamation point and the white arrow on the middle left side of your screen. These two tabs will provide you with your current chapter goals and the overview tasks that are either undergoing work completion or waiting for your approval on its next assignment. Keeping tabs on these two checklists will make it a lot easier for you to stay on task and tend to the goals that require the most attention.

• Oh and by the way, keep an eye out for those green circle icons that are right above your current chapter goal – clicking on them will also help you tend to your most important duties since doing so will transport you over to your buildings in an instant or help your fellow posse members. Don’t forget to assign your heroes to each building in order to increase a certain production attribute of that building (just click on the Heroes icon, then proceed to the Assign tab to handle that task).

2. Make Sure You’re Either Upgrading/Training, Patrolling and Raiding While You’re Tending to Your More Active Duties

• There should never be any work downtime during your active gameplay session and off-time period. You should always set your buildings to either an upgrading or training status. The same advice applies to horse patrols and the active raids that are handled by your heroes/troops. While the completion time ticks down on those assorted tasks, busy yourself by completing Gale Valley missions, playing a few games at the Saloon, collecting all sorts of goods from the Tax Man’s Office, acquiring new heroes from the Waterin’ Hole, and tending to your group’s requests within the Posse Functions building.

• Be sure to set all of your buildings towards handling an upgrading or training task while you’re away, too – by the time you come back the very next day, those tasks should be completed. Successfully completing raids, fulfilling chapter tasks, getting certain daily log-in rewards, etc., can help you claim time reduction items. These items should only be relied upon when you’re in a rush to quickly complete building/training jobs during an active gameplay session.

3. Head to Gale Valley to Acquire the Goods Needed to Upgrade/Modify Your Heroes and Recruit New Ones

Frontier West gives you plenty of opportunities to earn all sorts of beneficial goods. The Cargo Loading area usually has some great gifts to bless you with as its timer wears down, plus taking care of primary jobs and the game’s many other assorted tasks help you earn even more worthwhile goodies. When you’re on the lookout for the types of items that help upgrade/modify your boss and strengthen the heroes that back him/her up, try completing a series of Gale Valley missions.

• Be sure to train your collection of troop types as much as possible and recruit heroes so you can head into each Gale Valley battle with an overpowered army in tow. Using the “recruit 10 time(s) option comes in handy when you’re looking to earn the hero copies needed to rank up your heroes and unlock new ones. That same multi-draw option can be used to research the hero skills that improve your battle, development, and assist options.

• Use your overpowered troops to get three-star completion ratings on Gale Valley missions to acquire the hero recruitment cards you need. And be sure to get all the required stars for a Gale Valley chapter so you can walk away with the Hero Skill Books needed to unlock new hero research skills and also collect more hero recruitment cards. Whenever you reach a difficult Gale Valley mission that ends with your heroes/troops meeting defeat, go back to your training and recruitment duties for a while in order to increase their power rating and come back for another go-round. Pour your EXP Scrolls into improving your battle class heroes to stand more of a chance during raids and dungeon encounters. Spending a few coins on the Attack Bonus booster within your Town Hall Bonus menu is also a viable option to rely on in this case.

4. Put Your Active and Animal Skills to Use as Soon as You Start Up a New Game Session

• See that blue book icon in the bottom right corner of your screen? Tapping on that book opens up your boss’ active skills and animal skills. As you learn new skills, they should be put to good use as soon as they’re active during a new gameplay session.

• Activating a bunch of skills you’ve unlocked in quick succession at the start of a new Frontier West session means you’ll earn all sorts of stat boosters, protection protocols, and other gameplay altering options. Of course, the “Second Wind” active skill is best used when you’re fresh out of stamina in the middle of your latest bout with this game.

5. Make Sure to Complete These Tasks on a Daily Basis

Frontier Justice Game


• There’s a set guideline of tasks you should always focus on completing during a new daily gameplay attempt. Click on the Events tab to claim your consecutive day login rewards and be sure to check out the Bonuses tab to claim your daily gift and login event bonuses. Complete three duels per day so you can claim the rewards that are given to you for defeating your rivals. And don’t forget to claim your free daily hero recruitment and skill research draws.

• Once you’ve built up a strong enough band of heroes and troops, take a trip to Gale Valley and attempt to complete every part or at least a good majority of the Daily Dungeon battles. There are daily jobs to tend to as well, but completing all of them on a daily basis is actually quite hard to do. Try to earn enough daily job completion points so you can claim six daily treasure chests for your efforts.

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